SIP Global Partners Announces Investment in Realtime Robotics, Developer of RapidPlan, a Collision-Free Transport Layer for Factory and Warehouse Automation

SIP Global Partners, a US-Japan VC firm investing in early-stage transformative technology, announced today its investment in Realtime Robotics, Inc. SIP co-led the $14.4M round of additional funding with Heroic Ventures and Soundproof Ventures.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2022

NEW YORK  (PRWeb) Realtime Robotics is the leader in autonomous motion planning for industrial robots. The company has developed AI-powered collision-free motion planning software for unstructured environments. Realtime products enable single and multi-robot cells to operate autonomously at increased throughput while reducing cycle time and overall expenses.

“Realtime Robotics’ motion control software enables major cost savings, flexibility and process efficiency gains at the world’s largest and most sophisticated robotics installations,” stated Jeffrey Smith, General Partner, SIP Global Partners. Seamless programming, automated roll out and conflict resolution will drive large scale adoption and ROI. We look forward to working closely with RTR as they deploy their uniquely innovative solutions globally.”

Traditionally, robotics automation has been rigid and complex. Existing robotics automation software requires manual entry of each movement within millimeters for collision avoidance and reprogramming for any change within the motion plan. Today’s collaborative robots are power/force limited and unsuitable for industrial environments.

Realtime’s RapidPlan product provides a full robotic automation stack for optimal choreography of robot movements regardless of robot vendor. The software automatically calculates robot paths and avoids collisions during operations, offering a unique solution for multi-robot workcells.

“The team at SIP Global Partners has been tremendous to work with. We are looking forward to leveraging their knowledge and insight into the Asian market, to help accelerate our growth in the region,” added Peter Howard, CEO of Realtime Robotics. “As manufacturers look to expand their use of industrial robotics, to optimize operations and deal with a tight labor market, our innovative motion planning technology can help ensure they’re doing so in the most efficient and effective manner possible.”

Realtime has partnerships with leading robot manufacturers, most recently presenting demos with Kawasaki Robotics and Mitsubishi Electric Automation at Automate 2022. The software is compatible with most engineering workstations, field laptops and industrial PCs, empowering organizations to scale automation of production lines across multiple factories.

About SIP Global Partners

SIP Global Partners invests in transformative US technology startups poised for large scale growth in Asia. SIP leverages its dual-headquarters in the US and Japan, its principals’ 40-year history of building global companies and unique market access to accelerate growth for portfolio companies in Asia, including Japan, ASEAN and MENA.