SIP Global Partners Announces Strategic Investment Round with NVIDIA for READY Robotics, a Developer of Forge/OS, the industrial OS for robots and automation

The strategic investments will support READY’s global expansion and accelerate integration with NVIDIA Omniverse Isaac Sim.

JUNE 14, 2022

NEW YORK  (PRWebSIP Global Partners, a US-Japan VC firm investing in early-stage transformative technology, announced today its investment in READY Robotics Corporation. READY has developed Forge/OS, an industrial operating System for robots and automation in factories and warehouses. Forge/OS provides a hardware-agnostic software layer that controls robots and related automation hardware from leading brands through a common set of APIs. Using those APIs, READY has built a suite of low-code apps designed to make it simple for non-engineers to program and manage robot cells.

SIP co-led the strategic investment round with NVIDIA alongside existing investor, Micron Technology. This investment will support READY’s global expansion and accelerate the integration and deployment of the READY Robotics Forge/OS with NVIDIA Omniverse Isaac Sim.

Manufacturing enterprises require nimble, robust robot deployments that can be easily reprogrammed to meet the demands of dynamic digital supply chains. A shortage of robot programmers capable of quickly readjusting cells across multiple robot brands and languages limits deployment and growth across major industries.

Forge/OS uses standard APIs that enable commands for different robots and peripherals to be controlled in the same way. Task Canvas, a native Forge app built by READY, enables operators to write robot programs 2-10x faster than existing robot languages. It also utilizes a standard API that unlocks data streams for hundreds of different robot models. The common OS supports brands including UR, ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Staubli, Universal Robots and Yaskawa.

“READY Robotics Forge/OS and it’s low-code management of heterogeneous robotic environments represents a global sea change in the efficiency, cost and growth of factory automation. We see very large scale and highly defensible market potential worldwide,” stated Jeffrey Smith, General Partner of SIP GP.

“Manufacturing has been held back for decades by software silos between robot vendors. We’ve broken down those barriers with a standard interface that simplifies deployment for enterprises and dramatically increases the market opportunity for the automation industry,” said Ben Gibbs, CEO and Co-Founder of READY Robotics.

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