With a majority of the world’s GDP and the largest tech spend globally, it is imperative that startups succeed in Asia to maximize growth.
SIP leverages its unique, cross-border team to identify companies with massive potential in Asia and connect them to Asian market demand, starting with Japan.

Experienced Cross Border Team

Led by highly-experienced cross-border investors, operators and technologists situated in the US and Asia.
Focus on Japan
Single market entry for a massive market opportunity. Local team helps validate Japan and Asia market demand and support market expansion post-investment.

Multitrillion Dollar Markets

Investing in multitrillion dollars connected economies at the intersection of the global 5G rollout and enhanced web ecosystems across the US and Asia.

Investment Areas
As global internet usage approaches 7 hours per user per day, innovative new platforms and experiences are emerging to meet user demand for engagement.

AR/VR/XR, Synthetic Media, Web-based Apps and Platforms

As the office and industrial floors move online, advancement in digital infrastructure and applications create massive new markets.
AI/ML, Edge/IoT, Semiconductors
As health and safety span physical and digital worlds, applications of advanced technology improve our day-to-day lives and protect our online information.
Digital health, Information security